Thursday, May 19, 2011

Monday, May 16, 2011

Warm Weather Chores

My Garden


With the warmer weather I have been working on crossing off items from my to-do list.  My gardening to-do list, especially.  One of the things on my list was to get up the deer netting.  I have tried all the other tricks to keep deer from eating my garden and now it was time for a new tactic.  I purchased 100 feet of deer netting and ordered twenty bamboo stakes that are 7' tall.  Netting was secured to the stakes around the inside of my picket fence.  I know this will not keep a determined deer out of the garden, but I'm hoping it will be a deterrent.  Maybe they just won't want to bother with getting all tangled in the netting and go elsewhere for their dinner.  

Deer Netting

I have also started my planting.  I put two tomato plants in the garden and four in two large planters on my patio.  This is an experiment for me.  I purchased two tub-like planters on wheels that are also self watering.  I just have to put the hose in the little opening at the bottom of the planter when the soil feels dry.  There are wells in the bottom of the planters that supply the water to the soil, requiring less frequent watering by me.  The soil in planters tends to dry out alot faster than soil in the garden.  The soil in the planters also warms up faster than in the garden.  I am hoping this will give me an earlier tomato crop.  We shall see.

Planters for Tomatoes

The raspberry canes are greening up nicely now.  They are much more sparse this year.  I have tried transplanting some of the runners hoping they will fill in the bare spots.  I may have to order new canes for next year.

Raspberry Bed

Last week I went to the nursery, not far from my home, and purchased three trays of herbs and annual flowers.  I have been working on getting them in the ground this week.  This is the fun part!  If I am successful in keeping the deer out, this could be a great gardening season.  Here's hoping.

Cosmos, Marigold, Dill, Basil, Parsley, Dahlia...

Happy gardening!