Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Finding Beauty in the Ordinary

Beauty does not have to cost a lot of money.  And often it is even free.  Take, for instance, that bowl of seashells on your hall table.  These were gathered by you while walking on the beach early one morning.  Or how about a basket of pine cones picked up from your back yard at Christmas time.  These are gifts from nature that are sometimes overlooked, and they are right there under our feet.  Beauty can also be found in simple, everyday, utilitarian objects.  How about an old red rubber coated dish drainer from the 1950s, cast upon a jumbled table at the rummage sale?  Take it home.  Wash it off.  It will be a bright spot in your kitchen.  Picture it filled with just washed blue and white china dishes. Lovely!  A dusty box marked "canning jars" may be worth checking out at the rummage sale, as well.  It could contain old, blue glass Ball jars, which would look great filled with pasta, sugar, or dried beans on your pantry shelf.  Slow down and learn to look for beauty in things that are often passed over.  You will soon start to see the world in a whole new way.


ramblin girl said...

Love your new blog and your thoughts on beauty. The background is sweet!

Kim said...

Thanks, ramblin!