Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Are You a Mid Century Modernist?

I love the color combination of this room!
Clean and open.  Very inviting.
Love the chairs!
This looks very modern Italian

Great sofa!
I must admit that the Mid Century look is growing on me more and more.  In fact, modern decor, in general,  is attracting my attention these days.  I still love my antiques, and always will, but modern is starting to look very fresh and young and appealing.  I have been incorporating modern touches into my vintage decor for years, but find myself wanting to add more modern art, more color, more fun to my rooms.  The Mid Century look is very hot right now.  And the cool thing is, our grandparents just may have some great pieces sitting in their basements or attics that they'd love to get rid of!  So, take a look at these pictures and see if there may not be a bit of a modernist in you.


nancy @ {COZAMIA} said...

I want to be!! I love this style and definitely want more of it in my home too, I love how these pics really show the different ways that the same style can be used :)

Kim said...

Thanks for your comment, Nancy. I like the fresh new "up-dated" look of mid century decor. I don't really decorate this way (yet) but I do like it.